W.O.D Tracking programs

Let’s start with this has been a very confusing process and there really is no perfect program other than your own old school pen and paper recording. Ok with that said i chose to use Sugar Wod as the first tracking and daily wod posting program and all can really say about that program is that it is very balanced in its layout however it lacks the browser controls and relies heavily on the app for any recording of wods, Writing wods from the app is trivial on what you can’t do with sets, reps and scoring, So the browser is what you need to use for that part, i still rate it at a solid 8 for what you get at its free(for individual) or low cost to a gym.

Now we have moved to Beyond the whiteboard and have stumbled a little on how to record wods, Modified v.s Rx for scaled wods, how are overall score is counted and can i transfer wods over from sugar wod and the answer is yes if you are fast at data entry (hahaha) yeah ill be entering 849+ wods into BTWB over the next Oh i don’t know 6 months, wish i had the time but not at this stage so trying to add those wods that can balance out everyone’s score.  I can say without a doubt i am glad we made the switch for longevity of the gyms tractable performance and helping the gym members reach their goals whether it’s fat loss, strength, overall performance or endurance. On the issue of price it’s been determined the gym will no longer pay for the tracking program and encourage members to sign up on BTWB individually or they have an option to use sugarwod for free. So why not pay its easy, new clients on a trial membership can use BTWB free for 30 days if they don’t stay then no loss on either side. Other gym members can choose there preferred tracking method, i will post every day in BTWD and on the physical whiteboard and that they can enter it in there book or other programs. more coming on BTWB.